Why Study Abroad? Why Not?

Most students who crave adventure would jump at the chance to study abroad. See the Eiffel tower? Tour Mayan ruins? Sounds like an amazing opportunity. But not only is studying abroad a great opportunity, but it also increases your global perspective and helps you learn the language quickly.

Studying abroad expands your cultural knowledge of how the world works. When you go oversees to study, you gain global awareness as well as have an opportunity to earn college credit. Some of the reasons to study abroad are obvious – while some are hidden gems.

Why Study Abroad?

The reasons are too many to count – but here are some of our favorite reasons we encourage every student to study abroad:

Increase Your Global awareness When You Study Abroad

Anytime you travel to a different culture than your own, your perspective changes. Especially in our fast-paced culture full of iPads and Androids that connect the world with a simple touch of a button – it’s important to realize how the global community and economy works. Students who travel to study abroad will receive this understanding first-hand.

Studying Abroad Helps you Learn Foreign Language

Did anyone out there take four years of Spanish in high school, yet still unable to carry on a conversation in the language? Studying abroad allows you to submerge yourself in the culture, and learn its nuances. When you are in a culture that speaks the language 24/7, you’ll assimilate to the language easier than any short-term language class.

In addition to learning the language, you will get a first-hand understanding on why it’s important to speak foreign languages and experience other cultures. Without a full acclimation into a culture, you can’t get a full picture of why it’s important to understand other cultures.

Experience History First-Hand through Study Abroad Programs

Want a great way to impress a date? Get cultured and experience history through a study abroad program. Not only will studying abroad give you a very first-hand view of history (tour castles, towers and historic sites you read about in books) – but you’ll also gain life experience that gives you an expanded world view and sophistication when it comes to global issues.

Become a Better Student by Studying Abroad

Studies show that SAT scores are higher when a student learns a foreign language and studies abroad. In addition, your resume will stand out when you state that you’ve lived and studied abroad.

Study Abroad Programs

If you’re interested in finding a program, consider joining a study abroad immersion program where you’re fully immersed in the life and culture of another country. This will give you an opportunity to learn a foreign language at an award-winning school using an intense program. Not only will your language learning be accelerated, but your global perspective will be enhanced, giving you a life-changing, life-enhancing experience.


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