Study Abroad in Spain

Ever dreamed of seeing the land of Don Quixote first-hand? Or walking the famous streets of Pamplona that the bulls run down? This is just a sampling of what our Study Abroad Spain program offers. Set in the city of Salamanca, Spain, our students receive a cultural experience that introduces them to the language, culture, and art of the Spanish people.

About Salamanca, Spain

This Spanish city sits northwest of Spain and touts tone of the four oldest universities of Europe and a grand plaza many in this Spanish “college town” enjoy. Salamanca is rich with Spanish history. The Plaza Mayor is a must-see for its charming square shops and covered market that frame this historical area. It’s been considered one of the most beautiful town plazas of Europe. The university is one of the oldest in Europe and was a stop for Columbus himself, among many other Golden Age thinkers. The city was voted the Cultural City of Europe in 2002 by UNESCO, thanks to its rich history and traditional Villamayor stones unique to the area. It’s known for beautifully built universities and churches.

Our Study Abroad Program to Salamanca, Spain

We offer an amazing program to study abroad in Spain. We’ll be taking a group in July 2012. Below are the details of our Study Abroad Program.

Basic Study Abroad Spain Program

The following are the details for our Study Abroad Spain – Immersion Program.

  • Spanish Immersion Program (40 hrs)/Opt. 60+hrs.
  • Domestic and International Flights (from DFW)
  • Airport Transfers in Spain
  • Full Room and Board in Salamanca (Three Meals Daily) – Family Pension
  • Full Health Insurance (private doctors and hospitals)
  • Luggage Insurance
  • Class Registration Fee, Tuition, Diploma
  • Cultural Activities (Latin dance class-Salsa, etc.)
  • Bienvenida/Welcome Get-Together
  • Despedida Party/Farewell Party
  • Personal Representative Accompanying Group from Departure Through Return
  • Fun and Informative Cultural Visits with Experienced Art and History Official Guides and Professors
  • Madrid (two nights) with Guided Tour of Two of the Top 10 Most Important Masterpieces in the World*
Velázquez’ Las Meninas—El Prado Museum
Picasso’s Guernica—Reina Sofía Museum

In order to learn a language, we encourage the immersion program to truly become bilingual. That’s why our program also includes the following features so that you can really learn the language while you’re in Spain:

  • Teacher/Student ratio: 1: 12 (Maximum students per class: 8)
  • Taught by Spanish instructors and University of Salamanca professors
  • Intensive Spanish Immersion Method Course (Conversation/Reading/Composition)
  • Morning classes Monday-Friday (10-2PM)
  • Diplomas are given upon completion

Additional Study Abroad Spain features

In addition to our programs, we offer additional features for students or adults who want to learn more. We offer several conversation classes, some available for college credit. We also offer travel enhancements where you can visit other areas of Spain and several experiences of the culture, such as a Tour of Tapas and a cultural workshop that explores Spanish music, cuisine, theater and more.

Want to learn more about studying abroad to Spain in 2012? Check out our website!


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  1. I would love to study abroad is Salamanca the only city in Spain you do tours too?

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