High School Study Abroad Programs


Not all teens head for the mall - let your traveling teen study abroad!

Just a few seconds flipping through the cable channels may give you the wrong impression about today’s teens. Sure, some of them are becoming moms way too early and falling in love with shaggy-haired singers who dance on a bowling alley lane. However, that represents only a small group of today’s teenagers. There are others out there who are getting involved in their communities and realizing that one way to keep up with this fast-paced world is by gaining global experience.

Going Abroad as a Teen

I personally grew up accompanying my dad on trips around the world. Maybe it’s our Cuban-American heritage, but we were always encouraged by my dad to explore the world and learn a new language. Every few years we were learning a new language. He knew it would open my eyes to all of the different types of people out there and take me places I wanted to go. Although the studies weren’t out back then, we knew learning a foreign language had many benefits.

Traveling and studying abroad as a teen stirred my passion for connecting with other cultures, and it’s what drives us today at Conexus. We love to watch high school groups enter a new country, take an immersion language course for two weeks, and leave with their eyes opened to a whole new world (pardon us for sounding so … Aladdin.)

Studying Abroad with High School Students

Between my experience as a teen, and watching so many other teens who’ve joined us on our study abroad trips, I’m convinced that studying abroad is one of the best experiences you can give a teenager. They learn a passion for traveling. They get rid of their fears of the unknown; fears that could stop them in their future careers. They learn acceptance of new people and people groups. They really do pick up a new language through the immersion method. And they are taught how to think fast, improvise and catch on quickly as they are tossed into a country with a new language 24/7.

If your teenager is looking for ways to get involved in something bigger than the daily chores or shopping at the mall, consider having them study abroad for a few weeks. Our tours are safe and guided, and we guarantee they’ll come back a more cultured, passionate person.

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