Spanish Olympic Uniforms Under Fire For Their Ugliness

With the U.S. under fire for their Olympic Team’s outsourced Ralph Lauren uniforms another uproar is rising. This time Spain is being criticized for contracting with a Russian company, called Bosco, to design and manufacture the uniforms its team will be wearing come July 27th’s Opening Ceremonies.

The Russian company designed the uniforms, which contains over 40 pieces including shirts, ties, sweat suits and shoes, at no charge, and after manufacturing costs were tallied up saved the cash strapped nation an estimated 1.8 million U.S. dollars.

However, that’s not the only cry of outrage coming from the Spanish cities and countrysides. The uniforms are being booed for their looks.

Patricia López, a member of ADEEM (an Association of Spanish Designers) said she was “saddened” that a task so important was “taken out of the hands of national talent.”

Fashion blogger Ana Bedia was more scathing:  “Vulgar. The female version is a sort of ‘stewardess’ uniform with a slight ‘Indian sari’ motif,” adding, “The bell-bottomed men’s uniform is out-dated.  No Spanish athlete deserves to look like this!”

The design is said to have a ‘tribal’ feel but one Tweeter described it as ‘gross’ while another wrote: ‘What kind of Spanish folklore have they studied? I feel ashamed of this kit.’

The Russian company was quick to defend itself.

‘We’ve studied Spanish folklore in detail and we are confident that both athletes and citizens will agree that this is a nice design, authentic and round and, above all, very Spanish,’ Bosco’s founder and director Mikhail Kusnirovich told Spanish newspaper El Pais.

And while this might not be important to the world at large come Opening Ceremonies there may well be a giant space between Singapore and Sudan  because Spanish athletes are just too embarrassed to come out and be seen.

Here are a couple of photos, what do you think?

Too “tribal”?

The Spanish Olympic uniforms are getting some heat. Maybe it’s because of the flames…



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2 responses to “Spanish Olympic Uniforms Under Fire For Their Ugliness

  1. It is too bad that the uniforms were not designed by a Spanish designer who knows the history of the country. I do not think the uniforms are so ugly they should not be worn. However, I do not believe that they represent Spain as accurately as they should. I believe that every country’s uniforms should be designed and produced in the country that they represent.

  2. I found this quite amusing. They are only picking on the spanish. I am pretty sure the majority of the uniforms used at the olympic games are not what I would call “trendy”.

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