A Treasure Trove of Historical Gems


This enchanting Spanish town has been a part of history since ancient times. From Roman battles to a Jewish haven in the Middle Ages, and even the crowning of Queen Isabella before she united Spain and sent Columbus off to discover the new world, are all part of the beautiful history of this gem. Even today, as you walk through the streets you can feel the air infused with the grandeur of its history.

ImageAdd to that the impressive Gothic architecture with the cathedral as its crown jewel, the fairytalesque Alcazar that towers protectingly over the city, the cultural diversity exemplified in the Jewish neighborhood with its synagogue and the Moorish influence dispersed sporadically throughout the city, and, most importantly, the iconic first century Roman aqueduct standing intact as a testament to the expertise of Roman engineering so long ago. It is no wonder that the site has been part of UNESCO’s World Heritage since 1985.

If you ever feel compelled to live history, walking the streets of Segovia should go far to fulfilling that dream.


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