They say that thanks to the Internet, the world is at your fingertips.

But we say, thanks to Conexus (formerly FTA International) – the world is REALLY at your fingertips.

What is Conexus?

Conexus is a consortium of teachers, professors and professionals who have provided exceptional travel abroad experiences to students and adults since 1970. We’re multilingual and escort students and adults on study programs, cultural tours and healing tours. We serve as personal escorts and facilitate the foreign language learning experience.We’re a hands-on group and provide a study abroad programs that are  second to none. We stay with each group that travels abroad through the entire program, and work closely with them to learn the culture and language of the foreign country.

The Immersion Method of Learning a Foreign Language

Our programs are designed by the immersion program of learning a foreign language. This means that students take classes in the language in which they are learning. We believe this is by-far the BEST way to learn a foreign language. The benefits of bilingualism make up a very long list, but some include increased cognitive abilities, marketability when it comes to professional careers, and delayed brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Students are taught in our programs to be global leaders through responsible independence. They’re taught how to take on challenges they encounter and use them toward educational and personal growth.

The Countries That We Travel To

We currently escort students to Spain, Mexico, France, South America and Asia. We offer programs in which students may fully be immersed in the culture – meaning the housing, schooling, food, classes are all authentic to the foreign country. In addition to our scholastic offers, we also offer opportunities to travel and see additional areas of the country outside of where we stay.

We offer study abroad programs, cultural tours and healing tours. Please see our website for additional information about our foreign language studies abroad.

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